4 Plants to Buy For Your Home at Indigo 301


Looking to live a more green lifestyle in 2018? It might be time to channel your inner green thumb. Indoor plants have been proven to help reduce stress levels and purify the air. Not to mention that adding greenery to your home at Indigo 301 can up your interior design game immensely. Consider one of these four plants to buy for your Indigo 301 living space.


Aloe Plant

The Aloe Plant is well-known and loved because it produces aloe vera, which can be used to treat burns and other ailments. In plant form, it counteracts dangerous chemicals from cleaning products that may linger in the air. The Aloe Plant grows to its full potential when it has access to lots of sunlight, so be sure to place it near a window.


Peace Lily

Peace Lilies are the perfect plant for the more advanced green thumb. While they are low maintenance, they can grow to be quite large and thus would look stunning occupying a corner of your living room at Indigo 301. Be sure to allow the soil to dry out completely before watering again.


Spider Plant

You’re probably quite familiar with the Spider Plant as it is a well-loved greenery solution for decorating both indoors and outdoors. Its long leaves are light green in color with white stripes running down the middle. Spider plants are quick to grow and good at combating air pollutants.


Golden Pothos

The Golden Pothos plant has been hailed by NASA as being effective in fighting formaldehyde from the air. For this reason, it will be a great addition to your kitchen. Its decorative leaves grow in vine-like formation. This plant is super versatile in that it will look great just about anywhere and thrives in a variety of settings.


Finding the perfect plant for you can really do a lot for your interior design theme. We wish you good luck in choosing your plant baby. Happy hunting!

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